GraphViz for Win7-64bit?

Hello to the community.
I am looking for a version of GraphViz for Windows7-64bit to be used with the 3D drawing software FREECAD.
Can you provide me with a working link?

The versions I’ve found seem to be compatible only with Win10 and higher.
FreeCAD asks me where the installation directory is, but it can’t find any files in the directories!

PS: After installing GraphViz, I restarted my PC … but FreeCAD doesn’t recognise anything in the repertories installed from GraphViz !?

Thanks for your help.

We build the latest versions of Graphviz for Windows 10+. Perhaps you could look through the archives for an older version.

Microsoft’s Windows 7 support ended on January 14, 2020:

Here is a link to a windows version of Release 2.38 (very old, not supported) that was saved by the “wayback machine” (the Internet Archive) on 4/9/2018. Note that you will need to set the PATH.

No guarantees. Maybe you should find a newer release of Windows or try Linux.

Hi Steveroush
Thanks for your link, But …
I’ve downloaded it but there’s no setup to install it !
And FreeCAD doesn’t recognise any usable .exe files :(((

While we don’t support EOLed operating systems like Windows 7, AFAIK there have been no changes to Graphviz source that make the latest version incompatible with Windows 7. So I have two guesses as to how to get the latest working on Windows 7:

  1. Use the Chocolatey package manager. I don’t know how to use this on Windows 7, but they have a reasonably up to date Graphviz package.
  2. Build Graphviz from source. Not necessarily straightforward, but I believe is possible.

For your information, I have found a working version at the following address: “
Good evening to you all.

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