Graphviz issues with Windows 7 - 64 bit & Freecad 18

I’ve downloaded the windows exe package (2.44.1) from but I strongly fear that it’s a Windows 10 compatible version only:
When I click on Dependency Graph from the tool menu of Freecad, it claims for the path graphviz is installed in. I click on yes and it opens a navigation tree, I go to my installation directory but none of the subdirs display any files. Whatever sub-directory I ckick on, the box closes, it seems to analyze the drawing then an error message is displayed saying that “graphviz fails to create an image file”.
Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks

Sorry, the topic is closed. I didn’t mind to close and relaunch Freecad !

Yes, you need to restart applications that use Graphviz after the installation.

I don’t know Freecad, but please note Microsoft has EOLed Windows 7 and strongly recommends people update to a newer release. The US FBI has indicated they anticipate widespread Windows 7 exploitation in the near future.

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