Windows : Where is GVedit.exe?

Hi there,

Long term ( ~10 y ) Graphviz user and fan here.

I’ve just installed Graphviz and I am not able to find GVedit.exe

Is it possible to access to the former downloads pages … when all was fine w.o. CI/CD ?

choco install graphviz gives you version 2.38 which contains gvedit.

You can also download it from which is very hard to find, but on the Downloads page, you can find this text:

“Mostly correct notes for building Graphviz on Windows can be found here.”

which leads to where you can find the text:

"Download the Windows source package from:"

which despite what the text says leads to the page with the version 2.38 binaries download links.

Do I need to say that we are sorry about the sad state of the Windows builds and distribution of binaries?

We are however currently in the process of an extreme makeover of them which is nearly finished and will update the docs when it’s ready. It won’t give you an updated gvedit though, but we might get to that also in due time.

Graphviz version 2.38 for Windows is now available at