Too much dependencies on mac brew?

hi there, i’m installing graphviz on mac by
brew install graphviz
however , the dependencies are too much as below, the installation not finished in 3 hours.
Any idea?

==> Fetching dependencies for graphviz: libpng, pkg-config, freetype, fontconfig, cmake, nasm, jpeg-turbo, brotli, giflib, highway, imath, xz, lz4, zstd, libtiff, little-cms2, openexr, webp, docbook, mpdecimal, ca-certificates, openssl@3, readline, sqlite, python@3.11, icu4c, boost, source-highlight, asciidoc, docbook-xsl, bison, gettext, flex, doxygen, docutils, python@3.12, python-setuptools, gdbm, python@3.10, pygments, python-certifi, python-flit-core, python-packaging, sphinx-doc, jpeg-xl, ninja, meson, libsodium, lua, ncurses, berkeley-db, perl, libyaml, m4, autoconf, libssh2, libgit2@1.6, six, z3, pcre2, swig, llvm@16, rust, ruby, vim, libvmaf, yasm, aom, libavif, gd, glib, apr, apr-util, utf8proc, scons, subversion, jasper, netpbm, automake, libtool, gts, util-macros, xorgproto, libxau, libxdmcp, xcb-proto, libxcb, xtrans, libx11, libxext, libxrender, lzo, pixman, cairo, gobject-introspection, gdk-pixbuf, fribidi, graphite2, harfbuzz, pango and librsvg

Thanks. This does sound a bit much. I wonder if we could make a graphviz graph of the dependency graph.

I think you should talk to the homebrew package owners, I don’t think they are on this forum…

thanks, I will have a try :grinning:

I guess these must be transitive depdendencies. If you check the formula, there are exactly 10 dependencies: autoconf, automake, bison, pkg-config, gd, gts, libpng, librsvg, libtool, and pango.

Thanks all, I have successfully install graphviz from mac port.

The brew problem caused by my os version 10.15 out of support by brew…

Interesting. If you don’t want to upgrade your OS, you might have more success with Macports that also packages Graphviz,