Mac OSX usage and volunteering

I would like to use graphviz on a mac to report on certain values overlaid on a graph. It mentions on the website that mac volunteers are needed for development, I’d like to connect with someone about the details of the requirements.


Hi, thank you for your interest in working on this.

OK stream of consciousness, someone can help to organize this into a plan. The immediate need is to get automated builds and packaging working again. Currently, the Xcode build generates and probably the command line tools, too. It is run from old style Makefiles in graphviz/macosx/build You can see the debris of older Makefiles there as well. I believe the interactive Xcode GUI still builds, too, but the Makefiles enable us to compile it as part of a CI pipeline. I am not sure if there is even a more tasteful way to make that happen. At this point we lack any way to put into a .pkg or .dmg which seems to be how OSX programs are shipped. I did some experiments to get pkgbuild working, and it did not seem hard. But I’m not convinced this would handle relocation correctly, if graphviz is not installed in /Applications. As pointed out, we also don’t have a certificate to sign the software for Graphviz to be trusted for an installation and I’m not sure we merit that much trust anyway.

Finally, in the distant past, I believe we put the command line tools in (with a corresponding lib nearby) and then symlinked this into /usr/local. I realize this was an abuse of power but wonder if there are decent alternatives.

I also wondered about just scarfing up builds from Homebrew, and, er, doing something. Or we could bail on this and advise our audience to use Homebrew.

Stephen North

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Ok, I will attempt to build in xcode, this is pretty new to me, so it will take a bit of time, but glad to assist. I believe packages like Apollo are migrating to swift scripting. Are there documents that indicate what the path structures are for developers?

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