Graphviz VIEWER with native Mac UI

Hey, I’m doing a bigger project with Graphviz. I write my dot code in an editor and would like to use an external Graphviz Viewer to see how the result looks.

At the moment I have a little script which converts dot code to SVG and then shows the SVG in a browser, but a dedicated app might be more convinient.

So, I’m not looking for a Graphviz Editor just a Viewer, and – please! – no X Window UI: It’s not that great on macOS.

Any suggestion of a viwer with a mac-native UI would be greatly appreciated.

A simple built-in solution Consider using dot -Tpdf which outputs pdf, and then you can open the result in, which is pretty slick for zooming in and out.

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vscode with a graphviz extension (not sure if it really counts as mac native?): Search results - graphviz | Visual Studio Code , Visual Studio Marketplace

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I have never used it, but is a GUI app that ships with Graphviz and claims to be able to do this.