Installing GraphViz on Protege 5.5 Mac OS

I am using Protege 5.5 and needs GraphViz to visualise the ontology.
I have followed the instructions in Download
But I am not sure what is the right port for me …

If any can please help in this urgent issue.

When I used Protege 3 and 4 earlier, it was easier by inserting the path of Graphviz.

I am not sure what Protege is and an internet search turns up nothing relevant, but I assume that is not required knowledge for this question. You are probably best off installing Graphviz from either Macports or Homebrew that take the hard work out of building and packaging.

Any guide that you can refer for building and packaging ?

Appreciate it

For installing from Macports or Homebrew, you are best off referring to their websites that give good introductions to what they are and how you would use them to install software like Graphviz.

If you’re asking how you would build Graphviz yourself from source, you should probably refer to the paths for “Darwin” in the ci/ we run in regular testing. In short, you probably want something like:

git clone -b 2.47.0
cd graphviz
./configure --prefix=/opt/graphviz-2.47.0 --with-quartz=yes
make install

This will build and install Graphviz 2.47.0 to /opt/graphviz-2.47.0. To get this working though, you will need all the build dependencies we install in CI, .gitlab-ci.yml · main · graphviz / graphviz · GitLab.