Problem with images

Hello everyone, I have graphviz version 6.0.1 installed and I have problems with the images; When I add an image it does not appear in the graph and the CLI says the following error:

Warning: No such file or directory while opening /img.svg
Warning: No or improper image=“/img.svg” for node “ta11”

Could someone help me with this?

My source code looks so:

digraph G {
	start [shape=ellipse,label="0. Start" , color="#57a006", fillcolor="#edffbd"];
	ta1 [shape=none, image="img1.png" tooltip="Test" ]
	ta2 [shape=box, style="filled, rounded",label=<<TABLE><TR><TD><IMG SRC='img1.png' /></TD></TR> </TABLE>> ]
	start -> ta1

Thank you

What OS are you using?
It appears that imagepath (imagepath | Graphviz) is being set to “/”. I can’t guess why.

Hi, thank you for you answer.

I am using windows 10 as OS and the imagepath property is not set, the images are in the same directory of the .dot file and output file.

Thank you

Your source references img1.png (twice), but the error message references img.svg (note: img, not img1 and svg instead of png)

p.s. Your input worked fine on my Windows system when I created an image file named img1.png

Hi steveroush, thanks for your help. This issue has been solven. It was necessary set imagepath property so:

imagepath = “.;…;C:”;
B [image=“\data\image-earth.png”, shape=box]

Thanks a lot.