Unable to render images

Hi, im new to Graphviz and going through the installation process for diagrams as code. I have followed the installation for Graphviz and Diagrams (Installation · Diagrams).

When i run the code and generate the file, its not displaying any the images. Any ideas ?

Windows 10 OS
Graphviz 9.0.0
Python 3.12.0

Note that Diagrams is not part of Graphviz and I have no idea where poetry is coming from. However, the problem is probably that Graphviz can’t find the three image files.

  • Can you find the three image files (lb.png, web.png, userdb.png) on your computer? (use windows search if necessary) [I am guessing that **png** is the correct suffix, it may not be]
  • If you can find the three image files
    • do they display correctly if you click on them? (are they good files?)
    • what directory (folder) are they in? (Graphviz has to find them)
    • are they in the same directory as your diagram/python file?

Thanks Steve. The images were not in the same directory as the python file. Resolved the issue!