Inserting image in a node

sorry if this is stupid beginner’s question…
I have been trying to insert an image in a node using the image attribute with no success. Anything I try gives me the warning:

Warning: “node.svg” was not found as a file or as a shape library member
Warning: No or improper image=“node.svg” for node “0”

And no image is inserted. This happens in any environment I tried (python, Ipython, or directly using the command line commands. I also tried on the Google Colab cloud and also there I get the same error.

This is the code I use (pyGraphViz):

from graphviz import Digraph
G = Digraph(format=‘svg’)

and the dot file:

digraph {
0 [label="" image=“node.svg”]

Thank you for any help you can give me…

PS node.svg can be found here:

Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, PhD
University Distinguished Research Professor
University of North Texas
CEMI, Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
iARTA, Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts
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My guess is that node.svg is not a legal svg file. What I looked at from dropbox is not an svg file, but many file-sharing systems don’t share svg files “pure” because they can include malware javascript. I’m not sure if dropbox fiddles with svg files or not.
I made my own node.svg & dot was happy to find and insert it.

Hi, thank for your reply! I generate my svg using Adobe Illustrator on my local machine, so in that case it does not depend on dropbox. I have the same problem with all other image formats (jpg, png, etc.).
How did you make your svg? is there a specific svg format I should save the file to?

SOLVED IT! it was a problem with the svg format from Illustrator. I found the right settings and now it works!
Thanks again,