Include SVG image in a node

How do I insert a svg image inside of a node ?

digraph G {
“00” [image = “test.svg”];

Executing dot on this will output the following error :
Warning: No loadimage plugin for “svg:cairo”

Preferably, I would want a solution/fix for Windows operating system, but a Windows linux subsystem solution could also work.

What command line are you using?
Are you explicitly using the cairo renderer? (-Tsvg:cairo)
While including images does not work with the cairo renderer, it does work with the Graphviz-native SVG renderer. On my computer, -Tsvg invokes the native renderer.

Hello, I was using -Tpng in my command line.
If I use -Tsvg it seems to work.
Why can’t I convert the output to png directly ?
At least by using -Tsvg it fixes my problem, since I can use an external software to rasterize my svg to a png.