Installation on Windows

I am trying to package this Graphiz as this does not have silent installation. Looks like apart from the default files and folders in c:\program files\Graphviz, it also needs some dependable windows files for functionality
Can some one help me with what windows files this needs ?


Can you explain what you mean by “silent installation”?

Graphviz indeed depends on other Windows files. E.g. it needs various Microsoft DLLs for interacting with Windows itself.

I am trying to package it for few users at my organization and trying to understand if I need to use any dependant files and if so where can I get it. I am trying to package the .exe push it to users via sccm . Since there is no silent switch I am trying to dump the files on the users system and looks like I am missing on the dependant files. Will someone here be able to help me us and that would be really a great help if so… Thanks

I fear we’ve just swapped one confusion for another as I don’t understand what “sccm” is nor what “silent switch” means.

I think what you’re trying to do is create a relocatable and encapsulated Graphviz. Like something you could install to a USB stick, then plug this USB stick into another computer and have its copy of Graphviz runnable on the new computer.

If so, maybe you want to look into building a statically linked Graphviz from source using Microsoft Visual Studio. This will probably be a challenging task though. Another option is that, thanks to some tireless volunteers, Graphviz is available through the package manager Chocolatey. If your organization’s package distribution system supports Chocolatey packages, you could pull from here.

By the way, the Graphviz installers on the download page are all standard NSIS-generated installers, so if there’s an option you need that they don’t support you could also file a support request with Nullsoft.

Does winget install --silent graphviz work for your scenario?

Maybe you mean Visual Studio C++ redistributable dlls? Then it depends on version of Graphviz that you are using, i.e. version of Visual Studio libraries it was compiled with. Please, check this topic on stackoverflow:

I tried windows_10_cmake_Release_graphviz-install-7.1.0-win64.exe --silent and this did not work

No I was suggesting winget install --silent graphviz in the command line (it should download and install silently)?

You could also try: windows_10_cmake_Release_graphviz-install-7.1.0-win64.exe /S?

In our environment, there are restrictions from infosec and download is not permitted. I am looking for windows dependancy files. I ran the latest 7.1 .exe and not sure if this .exe has inbuilt dependant files like vc++?

Yes I meant all windows dependancies needed for Graphviz to function

No… /S did not work either. So I am trying to build an MSI collecting all the files and for this I need to know what all windows files do I need? someone in this forum said VC++ and where can I get all these depandancies ?

Thank you so much. Going to research on StackOverflow now.