How to "flag" a post here?

In other Discourse installations it is possible to flag a post for moderator attention but I do not see that available here.

Have spotted a post that is 99.999999…% identical to a post on another Discourse. The only difference being here it says graphvis on the other site “Xyzzy”. The want-to-flag post includes an email address.

Klick on “…” below the post and a flag should appear:

I don’t see any such options, @magjac — but I’m also at “Trust level: new user”. @Glimfeather is similarly “Trust level: basic user”.

Discourse is well-known for its automatic privilege gradients, and I suspect your “Trust level: leader” affords you options that not everyone can see until their account is more established.

Huh. Atwood’s trust-levels doc (which I should’ve just linked to originally) says that flagging is enabled at “TL1”, which I think corresponds to “Trust level: basic user”. So perhaps now, if not originally when this was asked, @Glimfeather can see the flagging option.