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Hello Everyone,

I have below sudo code, where I need to reuse the doxygen comment in the label

*  @brief Store current timestamp
static UINT32 timestamp;

digraph NewGraph{
graph [nodesep="1"]
Network -> Client[ label="FG0215_PDC_timestamp", labeltooltip="\copydoc timestamp"]

So here above in labeltooltip I want to re-use the doxygen comment of variable “timestamp”.

Please provide your suggetions or possible ways to do this.


You posted this as a reply on the About the Help category topic. Please post it instead as a new topic in the Help category itself.

Sorry I didnt find the way to create it in new topic, please guide me if its required.


Go to https://forum.graphviz.org/c/help/5. Click on + New Topic.

People probably wont find your reply here.

After adding the topic, it ask me “Add user”, so what user I should add here?
I have tried to add some random users, but it says that you can not add private users.

Please guide me where I’m wrong ?

I don’t think you followed my instructions. You are trying to compose a private message, not posting a topic in the Help category.