Graphvidian - Obsidian plugin integrating Graphviz

I wish I can make a graph with Obsidian because Graphviz alone (even with VSCode) doesn’t have:

  • Linking suggestion
  • Auto update links
  • A place to provide more details of a node

As a result, I made myself an Obsidian plugin to convert the database from one of its plugin, Breacrumbs, to .dot format.


Master graph:

A cluster of the master graph:


  • Auto-wrap node labels to prevent text overflowing

  • Detect different node type whether by it being the end node of a particular edge type, or by the index at the beginning of its title

  • Support default node and edge styles

  • Support subgraphs, and styling for each subgraph

  • Support same rank for each subgraph

  • Support cluster for each subgraph

  • Support pairing nodes (nodes that should be a cluster by themselves)

  • Generate a master graph and individual graphs of each cluster (ideal for large graph)

  • Support running multiple commands (useful if you want to generate different layouts to know which one looks nicest, use unflatten to distribute nodes on the same rank of a wide graph to different lines, or overlay legend or watermark)

:point_right: Download

Very cool. I use Obsidian myself and have been sometimes frustrated with their force-directed graphs. The picture you show above looks like an improvement, I’m kinda surprised that Graphviz’s output is so nice for this example tbh!

I use unflatten, but the master graph is still too wide. It seems like it can only work with nodes, but not subgraphs or clusters?