Undocumented postaction attribute

I noticed the postaction attribute. I even slightly remember writing this code. But why? It was definitely to solve a specific problem. Also, I thought we grepped all the attributes out of the source, hoping to make sure they are all documented, but I can’t find anything about this. Weird.

There might be a hard drive around here with a lot of email from that era…

Actually I was originally searching for anything about text wrapping (at least in HTML), since this keeps coming up. It would be nice if this can be supported without pretending to implement some of CSS, too.

I don’t remember seeing anything about internally implementing word wrap, just pre/post processors

See word wrap comment here: Text wrapping in Graphviz? - #12 by steveroush

I see. We wanted a create way to say, on the command line, draw this graph and no matter what the file says, set somenode [color=blue].