Graphviz on databricks

Hello Community,

I am trying to use graphviz for my project and installed on databricks but later ran into issues.
To install on databricks, I did pip install graphviz. Then I tried an example on the graphviz website and failed to render it.
When I finally went to display the diagram , I got this message on databricks (runtime 13) :
ExecutableNotFound: failed to execute PosixPath(‘dot’), make sure the Graphviz executables are on your systems’ PATH

Could you please help me resolve this problem on databricks ? I can provide you any information you need instantly.

You installed an interface to Graphviz, but you also need to install Graphviz itself. (e.g. in a cmd/terminal window, type dot -V. You will probable get a “not found”-ish error message)
To install Graphviz, go here: Download | Graphviz