Where is graphviz on cygwin?

I installed graphviz under Cygwin 64 using the Cygwin installer version 2.905, but when I type “graphviz” on the cygwin command line, it says

$ graphviz
-bash: graphviz: command not found

Can anybody tell me where the Cygwin graphviz package puts its binaries, or what I need to type to run graphviz?

The primary command to run Graphviz is dot. All Graphviz programs have a similar invocation:

cmd [ flags ] [ input files ]

For example, the command to obtain the version of Graphviz installed is:

$ dot -V

which will produce output such as:

dot - graphviz version 2.47.2 (20210527.0053)

To generate a graph, you issue a command such as:

$ dot -Tsvg input.dot

In this example, Graphviz takes the input file input.dot and renders a graph using the dot layout to produce a graph in svg format.

The full documentation for the command line options is located online at

There is no program named Graphviz. Instead, Graphviz is the name of a set of programs (kind on like MS Office). The most commonly used program is named dot (see https://www.graphviz.org/pdf/dotguide.pdf).

Maybe for the sake of newbies the install should include an alias or a wrapper program by the name “graphviz” that could do both dot and xdot depending on how it’s called.