How to get started with Graphviz

Windows 11

dot -h and dot -v work
dot -c does not work

I would like to find a tutorial but I have only found Python info.
The Graphviz docs are extensive, but I do not see how to work within it.

It is not clear whether I have the entire package. I downloaded the 64-bit version. The 32-bit version says it has all the libraries. The 64-bit version does not state that.

I am looking forward to working in Graphviz.

When you say “does not work” do you get an error message? could you share what you see?

When I input dot -c, at the command prompt, a new prompt displays. No other action occurs.

if dot -V (note: capital V) gives a result similar to this

dot -V
dot - graphviz version 5.0.0 (20220707.1540)

You are good to go

Here are two links taht describe how to work with Graphviz:

Here is a mini tutorial on how to create a Graphviz input file:
Using any editor that can create a text file, create a file named first.gv and copy/paste the following (in a known directory):

digraph {
  hello [shape=circle]
  world [color=red]
  hello -> world

Then start a cmd window, cd to the above directory and type:
dot -Tpng first.gv > first.png
using Windows File Explorer, display first.png

Why do you need the dot -c command?
If you ran dot -h you saw that it says that this command is for configuring plugins:

More written here, CTRL+F dot -c.

I appreciate all the examples. That was a great kick-off.

Once I found the help command, I saw the association of -c and configuration. The reference I was using said dot -c would open a dot console. I must have misinterpreted the directions.

Thank you all