GraphViz's executables not found

I am trying to plot a graph in Python using create_figure()

I get this error:
InvocationException: GraphViz’s executables not found

How can I fix it?


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My guess is this is not a Graphviz problem, but somewhere “up stream” (Python or some package related to Python). Where does “create_figure” come from?

But to possibly cut to the chase, it is common that folks who are trying to use pypi or related packages install the python library, but fail to install Graphviz itself.

See graphviz · PyPI (I wish they would improve this documentation)

This package runs under Python 3.8+, use pip to install:  
$ pip install graphviz  
you also need to install Graphviz 

Hi Steve

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Thanks for your reply

I managed to solve it. I had to specify a path to graphviz in my laptop system

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