Running Graphviz Dot on Streamlit Share

I am trying to deploy an app on Streamlit Share. I was able to run it locally, but failed to run it via Streamlit Share. I got the error message FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] “dot” not found in path. It seems that it only support the python graphviz (0.19.1) instead of the actual graphviz program (2.40.1). I am not sure what to do here. Can someone please help?

I’m fully ignorant about Streamlit Share, but this sounds like the common complaint heard on stackoverflow: “I downloaded Graphviz for my Python program using the XXX installer, but just get error messages”.
As you have realized, their Graphviz is just an interface to (the “real”) Graphviz.
Go here Download | Graphviz and download the “real” Graphviz suitable for your OS.
It is too bad that the api is named Graphviz.

I have the real Graphviz downloaded and it worked properly on a local environment. So I am not sure what went wrong when I try to deploy the app via github.

You likely need an additional file called packages.txt that contain the names of the external packages that you need and can be installed using apt-get install xxx.
In your case, packages.txt would contain graphviz on a single line.