Graphviz cannot convert dot file to PDF (792.3 KB)
Hi all, I can not convert this file to PDF or any other format, Graphviz won’t stop when convert this file.
My Graphviz version is 2.40.1. May someone give me some advice, thanks…

  • What OS are you using?
  • What command line are you using?
  • What does happen when you run the command?

Thanks for replay.

  1. the OS I am using is Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
  2. command line I am using is dot -Tpdf -O
  3. when I run the command, the program just won’t stop, no error. Then I press CTRL+C to stop it and check the output PDF file, it contains nothing.

Dot was getting stuck in the second “network simplex” invocation. Here is a command line that should give you output in 3 to 5 minutes (+/-):
dot -Tpdf -Gnslimit=2 -Gnslimit1=2 -Gmaxiter=5000
(see Where does generating the graph take most of the time? - #4 by ethuo for more on this)
I think SVG will work better than PDF.
You may want to consider reworking your nodes to get them narrower (by eliminating text or adding newlines).

Appreciate! I will have a try!