SVG file not opening in Chrome or image viewer

Dear Graphviz Community,

I have been trying to convert a dot file into an .svg file for a graph with about 400 nodes. dot in itself is taking a really long time, so I referred to this SO answer and used the command
sfdp -x -Goverlap=scale -Tsvg > data.svg

However, I observed that I was not able to view the SVG created through this command. I would be extremely grateful if you could help me resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance (138.4 KB)

Please let me know if you need more details.

gc ( says
402 3249 automata (go_parser.gv)
So, approximately 3249 edges, or 16 edges per node. That makes for a messy (edge-filled) graph.
And indeed trying all the engines (dot, fdp, neato, twopi, and circo) with these args added to the command line -Gnslimit=2 -Gnslimit1=2 -Gmaxiter=5000 - though not with optimal attribute values - gave pretty useless graphs. (Circo never finished)

Here are some more hints - Dot command seems to never end - #6 by steveroush

There are some Gitlab issues tagged with the “performance” label that I periodically revisit and profile to see if we can improve anything internally. If you create a Gitlab issue with this graph, it will be included in future analyses like this.

Having said that, there will always be graphs that are simply too large/interconnected for Graphviz to handle well.

Sure, and at least limit the output canvas size, e.g. -Gsize=“10,10” or something so you don’t make an enormous SVG canvas that won’t load.