Dot file to png

I’m having an issue converting a dot file to a png. I have been using the command "dot -Tpng psscan.gv >psscan.png. It creates the png file but the size is 0 and the png is blank. Also when I use this command it says “dot” is not recognized as an internal command. I am brand new to this stuff and could really use some help. Thank you!

Sounds like you don’t have Graphviz installed. What platform are you on – Windows, Mac, Linux?

I am using windows. And i believe its installed when i open my windows folder I have a graphviz section with a bunch of stuff in it.

Is there any other advice you could give me? I will try to uninstall and reinstall graphviz 4.0. But additional tips would be helpful. Because i don’t know what I’m doing.

Maybe you have to fully qualify the path to graphviz. Do you know what folder Graphviz is installed in?

Like instead of running: “dot -Tpng psscan.gv >psscan.png”
run: “C:\where\you\installed\Graphviz\dot -Tpng psscan.gv >psscan.png”

  • When you install, make sure you click “Add Graphviz to the system PATH” (for all users or current user) - do not take the default option of NOT adding to PATH [why is that the default??]
  • Once installed, in a cmd or powershell window, type dot -V <<< capital V