Custom shape node


I need to use a custom shape(Transformer symbol), as you can see in the picture, as node shape. The image attribute is not helping me because I need the content be copied in the output. Is there any way that I can combine two circles to form my node shape? or any other approach?

Can you show this symbol in context (with edges). Even a hand-drawn example would help.

Untitled Diagram (2)
Thanks for the reply. I have something like this in my mind. The texts next to the symbol are node labels.

Are you sure that an image wouldn’t work?

The problem with image is that the content won’t be copied into the output and the image file should be available to the viewer. That’s why I’m looking for another approach

Some output formats inline the image into the output (e.g. PNG/BMP/PDF does). I think -Tsvg:cairo inlines images too.