Can I create my own shapes?

I’d like to create a custom shape, by adjusting one of the existing shapes. At the very start this would probably take the form of adding some decoration, possibly with text characters if that’s doable.

I’m approaching my 36-hour anniversary of learning of GraphWiz’s existence, so my in-depth knowledge is nil.

So the question is: Can this kind of adjustment be done? By a rookie?

The odds are against you. Here is the entry in the FAQ: FAQ | Graphviz
But there are ways to nibble around the edges. The simplest way is to use external images. There are also interesting effects with html nodes and by placing one node on top of another. Feel free to include an image of your goal, a pencil diagram is fine.

Looks like there was support with shapefile for postscript but it’s deprecated:

The docs have for how to make record shapes. I don’t know if that would help you.

You can also set images to be the shape, I think:

Just to tidy things up: Looks like I’m not going to need this, at least not right away. Thanks for the responses.