How to draw a quadrant figure in graphviz?


I would like to know if its possible to draw below figure in graphviz and if so how? The colors are not important.

This 2x2 grid doesn’t really look like a graph-shaped problem (nodes and edges) to me… more like perhaps this would be better solved with html tables and some css?

There is probably some way with invisible edges that you could make it work. But it would not be represented well in graphviz and would probably be pretty complex, more complex than a table.

Is there an underlying problem you are having that you think graphviz would solve here?

If your goal is to have this graph’s text be easily editable/changeable in a way that a PNG isn’t, perhaps SVG would do what you want?

Thanks. I’ll try to draw it with some other tools. I was curious if this is something that can be done with graphviz but looks like it is not the right tool for this kind of problem.

If you can live without the arrowheads:

    digraph {
        graph [splines=false]  // if you want straight lines & not curves

        quad [label=<
    	<TD BORDER="0" > </TD>
    	<TD BORDER="0" COLSPAN="3">line no 1<br/>and more<BR /> third line </TD>	
            <TD BORDER="0" ROWSPAN="2" ALIGN="right" BALIGN="left">line 1<br/>and some more<BR />third line </TD>
            <TD BORDER="1" WIDTH="72" HEIGHT="72" SIDES="RB" BGCOLOR="lightblue">upper left</TD><TD BORDER="1" SIDES="LB" BGCOLOR="yellow">upper right</TD>
            <TD BORDER="1" WIDTH="72" HEIGHT="72" SIDES="RT" BGCOLOR="lightgreen">lower left</TD><TD BORDER="1"  SIDES="LT" BGCOLOR="pink">lower right</TD>	


Thanks. This is great. Yes I think I can live without the arrowheads. Thank you so much. Would you know how to change the font?

Look here: - pretty standard HTML-like font command