Display / graphviz help

Hi all,
Help, I’ve found and manages to use diagram to build some flow diagrams for me which has really helped a document I’ve been working on.
So a total newbie to this but totally love the code to diagram approach!
I’ve got 2 questions if anyone can help?
(Knowing display is based on graphviz)
Any idea how I change the depth of the massive border diagram is adding to the image
Has anyone used this for physical network diagrams?
Can anyone suggest how diagram or graphviz can be used to do a physical network diagram IE port to port stuff rather than just flows?
Ideally all done in python, but happy to adapt if needed!

Sorry a third, is there a nice way to label the connections and put labels/text on the drawings?

Thanks all!

  1. massive border - please attach your input and the command line
  2. physical network - yes (D3-graphviz monitoring a smart home zigbee network) but depending on your requirements, it may take a fair amount of work. Check out https://www.graphviz.org/pdf/dotguide.pdf and Gallery | Graphviz. Specifically, yes you can specify port-to-port edges

Here is two examples, both when generated have a massive section of white graphics around the image, which using in websites and documents starts to take a lot of space up.
But as its consistent between different runs, it looks like is a standard “border” or “spacing” parameter.

I might end up struggling here as diagram is a library that has graphviz under the hood, so not totally sure where this variable or parameter is or is managed from.

The port to port edges bit sounds interesting i’ll try to find some info on it thanks!