Rendering graphviz with python

Good day. I’m trying out graphviz and am liking it. The problems is i’m not really getting enough understanding of it and bumped up into a problem, so i came here.

I’ve extracted 10k links, filtered them and made a graph with links. The problem is it’s too wide.
When i open it in pdf, i can’t zoom in enough to see what actually is happening. Could some one give me some information how to handle this situation or what am i missing out on?
P.S sadly can’t upload a pdf, but the problem basically is that the edges are being stached horizontaly.

Can you upload your DOT source somewhere and provide a link to it?

   import graphviz

        class Test:
            def __init__(self):
                self.graph = graphviz.Digraph('unix', filename='unix3',
                                              node_attr={'color': 'lightblue2', 'style': 'filled'})
                # self.graph.edge_attr['imagepos'] ='bl'
                self.set = []

            def go_mad(self):
                with open('data.json', 'r+') as f:
                    file =
                    json_data = json.loads(file)

                    for i in json_data['data']:
                        head = i['original']
                        tail = i['found']
                        self.graph.edge(head, tail)
                    # self.graph.engine = 'unix'