Any way to adjust a GraphViz rendered graph?

Hello! I’m trying to render a tree that is very broad… and it renders, as expected, in a long, skinny horizontal image.

Problem is that I need a graph suitable for a document. I would very much like to take and move the nodes that are rendered horizontally and “drag” them down so that the graph is more vertical… with the edges curving to accommodate this. Are there any clever ways to accomplish this? GraphViz settings? Third party tools that let me manipulate and fine tune the output? Thanks!

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If anyone comes across this question, have a look at this Stack Overflow question I raised. I learned about Unflatten. Was able to modify the results in Photoshop pretty easily to make a fairly presentable graph!

[python 3.x - How can I adjust a GraphViz render - Stack Overflow](https://Stack Overflow)