Use as Windows control

May I please inquire if it is possible to integrate Graphviz into a Windows C++ program and to utilize it as a Windows control so that the code is notified of user interactions with it e.g. when the user clicks on any particular node. Thank you kindly Cheerios

  • I guess the short answer is no.
  • But the medium answer is (only) probably not.
    • Generally, think of Graphviz as a compiler system - program text (or api) is input and output is in one of 50+ output formats Once the “compile” step is done, so is Graphviz.
    • Most of the output formats are dumb (interactivity would be hard or ridiculous)
    • But a few, SVG, json(?), xdot(?), gtk(?) might work for you.
  • I think most interactive programs that use Graphviz output are (minor) tweaks using the SVG format, adding javascript in a post-processing step.
  • Check out the Documentation pages (including Resources) - lots of good info.