Text in html cell not wrapping

Normally, table cells in html will wrap. I am finding that they are not wrapping for me.

I tried various things and can’t get the label “names, sizes, owners, dates, etc. etc” gives an error when laying out because the text is not wrapping.

Thanks! for your advice :slight_smile:

Sorry, no line wrap.

  1. From Node Shapes | Graphviz
The features and syntax supported by these labels are modeled on  
 HTML. However, there are many aspects that are relevant to  
 Graphviz labels that are not in HTML and, conversely, HTML allows  
 various constructs which are meaningless in Graphviz. We will  
 generally refer to these labels as "HTML labels" rather than the  
 cumbersome "HTML-like labels" but the reader is warned that these  
 are not really HTML. 
  1. The Font FAQ (Font FAQ | Graphviz) describes the problems of general text handling
  2. An alternative solution: Consider making every node label an image. This might have two advantages:
  • It would allow you put the escape problem on a “real” text processor (latex, svg, html, Word, troff, …) that is better designed for the “global escape” problem
  • as a side benefit, it would make it much easier to use line-wrap / word-wrap to manage the width of the text in your nodes.
  1. See word wrap - Text wrapping with dot (graphviz) - Stack Overflow for external solutions
  2. Here is a line-wrap add-on I wrote, but it does not work with HTML labels

Thanks. And no css either, right? As in style=“xxxx”.

I have not used them, but see stylesheet | Graphviz and class | Graphviz
(style was already used)

If you add classes to the nodes and generate an SVG, then:

  • If the SVG is on a web page that also includes CSS, then those styles will be applied.
  • You could post process the SVG to include the <style> tag.

See demo_1 and demo 2.

I post process the SVG to add tabindex=0 to each <g> node for them to be focusable.

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