Run dot -c automatically?

Occasionally I wonder if it would be reasonably to just automatically run dot -c if it has not been done already. I realize the command may be executed without the capability to write into the plugin config file, so that would still be a problem. I wonder if this could make other problems, though.

You mean as requested in #1352? Registering plugins automatically seemed logical to me, and I had just assumed there was some other reason I did not grok for why this wasn’t done.

Auto-registration seems reasonable to me (that’s how most other apps do it, right?)

We can always handle lack of write permissions gracefully by not writing.

I’ve asked myself that question too.

The autotools builds does this already during the build. I can’t see why something similar couldn’t be done in the Windows builds. I’ll make an attempt. If someone knows a reason why it couldn’t work, speak now or forever hold your peace.