Build from source code


I’ve built Graphviz version 3.0.0 from source code on RHEL8 environment. Main question is regards dot when I’ve linked it from cmd/dot/dot to /usr/bin I have this information:
“There is no layout engine support for “dot”
Perhaps “dot -c” needs to be run (with installer’s privileges) to register the plugins?”

As RHEL not supporting newer version than 2.30.1 and I need it for Confluence plugin PlantUML I’m trying to do it on my own.

Thanks for help

Does it work if you run dot -c, like the error message says?

Canonical way to build on RHEL would be how our continuous integration builds for CentOS: has the dependencies (at least for Centos 7. CentOS 8 is dead unfortunately) has the steps to build it

When I write dot -c it works but after relog it still will appear I can place it in /etc/profile.d to start everytime user login. But I’m looking for same solution as you install it from yum. I’ve asked RedHat support when they will update graphviz but only answer was that they doesn’t have date for that :wink:

What if you run sudo dot -c? Maybe that would across login