Python based alternative to graphviz tool for visualization

HI Team,
I really love graphviz tool for visulaization. but I can’t install it in my work machine as we are not allowed to install.
I have a python program that uses graphviz package (can be implemented using pydot) also.
Is there any other python based package that provides features to visualize/save to svg/png/ format file by parsing dot file or python pydot graph or python graphviz graph ?
I tried networkx with matplotlib but not getting same layout and graph which I needed. I am not sure how to implement the same layout as graphviz tool output

All the python graphviz modules (e.g. pydot) just under the hood call out to the graphviz executable tool (which you aren’t allowed to install). I’d suggest having a word to your IT staff and getting permission to install? Surely if you’re doing python programming you need to install stuff all the time?

Consider a web-based graphviz if you can’t install I guess?

Thanks! can you please share URL which you recommend

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