Place to manually upload old releases?

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@Ellson I wasn’t aware of this. I found the binaries also in Maybe I should remove the copies I uploaded to then and instead refer to the this place?

OTOH, the Archive is very disorganized and perhaps not something we want to expose to users? In that case we would need another place for manual uploads. Not that I expect this to happen often, but we e.g. have a request for the 2.38 source code packages in

BTW @Ellson It’s no longer possible to access the top level Packages directory through which was working before. I get:


You don't have permission to access /Packages/ on this server. and are still accessible.

Somehow Packages/ had lost read permission.

I don’t mind if you manually tidy Archive/ a little, but please don’t delete any files

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I did:

[magjac@www2 Archive]$ pwd
magjac@www2 Archive]$ sudo mv graphviz/* .
[magjac@www2 Archive]$ sudo rmdir graphviz/

The Windows installer for version 2.38 is now available at: