Graphviz 2.46.0 has been released

The 2.46.0 release contains a lot of enhancements and important bug fixes. For details see the CHANGELOG.

NOTE: The download location has changed to

Feedback is appreciated :smile:.

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The assets at the new download location cannot be downloaded without a gitlab account…

That’s not good. For the record: this is what happens when you sign out and then click on one of the links:


More info: Download a release asset from GitLab via curl redirects to login page (#28978) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

FWIW The nightly builds in the package registry are accessible (e.g. Win64 download):

Oh no. I’d just assumed gitlab releases would be public like on github

For anyone following along at home, we are in the process of fixing the above issues as well as updating the public download web page.

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The website’s download page is now updated. Apologies for the delay.