Website URLs etc

…continuing the discussion from graphviz!1375

@mark, ah right, sorry I was not watching the repo. I guess the changes afoot in and your other open issues are what @scnorth was referring to.

I think we should at least fix the URLs in the man pages before the next release. I know just enough HTML to be dangerous and I know next to nothing about modern web dev, so I think I’ll stay away from changes to the website itself.

If I update graphviz!1375 to touch the man pages but not the HTML, do you both think that’s preferable for now? Also what about the tex files?

Hi there, I just landed some changes to the structure and redirects in the graphviz website repo.

I’ve approved your PR and noted some URLs that could be simplified in comments - consider the changes proposed and merge at your leisure.

You’re very welcome to keep updating the HTML files and tex files.

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