Names of the fonts in WebGraphViz?

The GraphViz documentation says you have to know how the version you’re using was put together if you want to know the font names available–and in particular how to refer to a particular face’s flavors, such as bold, italic, underline.

I’m hoping someone who knows something about the insides of the browser version WebGraphViz will be kind enough to point me to such font information for it.


I have not used WebGraphViz, but the name & and a very quick look lead me to believe that it produces SVG diagrams. These web pages seem to usefully discuss SVG & fonts:

Steve: Thanks for these. I tried most of them out on a sample program and many of them worked fine. But I couldn’t figure out how to get them to bold / italic / underline etc., which is what I was particularly concerned about. .

The reason for the OP was that I’d read this in the Graphviz documentation:

Note that various font attributes, such as weight and slant, can be built into the font name. Unfortunately, the syntax varies depending on which font system is dominant. Thus, using fontname="times bold italic" will produce a bold, slanted Times font using Pango, the usual main font library. Alternatively, fontname="times:italic" will produce a slanted Times font from fontconfig, while fontname="times-bold" will resolve to a bold Times using Quartz. You will need to ascertain which package is used by your Graphviz system and refer to the relevant documentation.

Since I’m using, presumably this information is only available to whoever put that program together (or, if that person documented it, some other person who knows where the documentation is). Here’s hoping those people track the Forum queries occasionally.

Thanks again.


Again, html-like labels allow you to explicitly set these attributes, on a character-by-character level (if you so desire). Sorry

Yes, seems like html would kill two birds. Hoping I can get a workable version…