Keeping arrow tails apart

I have essentially this dot code:

A → B
A → C [dir = both] [arrowtail = odot]

(At least I think that’s what I have. I needed to trim about 98% of the code to focus on this and may well have over-trimmed.)

At any rate, one of the arrows has a circle at its tail, while the other doesn’t. In the context of the much larger diagram, WebGraphViz insists on putting the tails of both the connector arrows at the exact same point on the A box. That makes it impossible for the reader to tell which arrow has the odot at the tail, which defeats the purpose of using it.

Can anyone tell me how to induce dot to keep the tails apart?

Use ports (portPos | Graphviz) to explicitly position the edge connection location. Also see section 3.1 (Node Ports) of this document:

Thanks! That fixed it nicely.