Is graphviz java libraries free to use?

I am currently working for certain organization, we are planning to use graphviz java libraries for diagram creation. This solution will be deployed at organizational level and other people from organization will be using it therefore question is as below
Is Graphviz java libraries are free to use for organizational purpose?

Can you share a link to the graphviz java libraries you plan to use? I don’t think the graphviz project itself publishes java APIs?

I downloaded from this link

In theory there are SWIG-based Java bindings in the Graphviz repository. But we don’t build them in CI and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve bitrotted. The above appears to be something completely different maintained by Stefan Niederhauser according to the bottom of that page.

The library you linked is licensed Apache v2. You should read that license and follow its terms if you want to use the library. Generally Apache 2 is a very commercial-use-friendly license.

Graphviz is licensed under Eclipse Public License 1.0, not Apache v2. I believe the terms of the Eclipse Public License still apply. Obviously there can be a conflict of interest here, so I suggest that vikrantk get professional legal advice, or find other software.