GraphViz code editor supporting instant preview and multiple monitors

I have two monitors, and I’m looking for a code editor that supports these features:

  • Generating preview as typing. Various extensions in VSCode can do this
  • Allowing the preview panel to be in a separate window from the edit panel. I need this so that I can view it in an entire screen. The NppGraphViz plugin for Notepad++ can do this.
  • Preferably supporting multiple engines, not just limiting to dot

There is the Resources | Graphviz, but it seems that only web editor can do this?

I use Windows.

The following “trick” works with markdown and its preview in vscode (so might also work with one of the dot editors):

  1. Open the folder containing the markdown file as normal for editing
  2. Open the markdown file in the editor and press Ctrl+K, O this will open the “file” in a new window
  3. In the new window enable the “preview” and move to your second monitor
  4. Editing the orig document in the orig vscode instance will update the preview on the second monitor.

it only seems to work with Markdown only. For GraphViz only preview tab in the same window of the edit tab can autoupdate. For the preview tab in the other window, even saving the file doesn’t update the preview

Quick hack: expand the window so that it spans across both screens. The downside is that in one screen the portion of VSCode in it will be zoomed out. I don’t know why. Perhaps that’s how Windows handles multi screen correctly. But if you zoom out and put the preview panel in the small screen, it should work fine