QVGE - Qt visual graph editor

Hello everybody!

I’ve just came across this new forum.

I want to admit how useful GraphViz software is. A part of my Ph.D. thesis was based on graph theory and I needed some tools for visual representation and manipulation on middle-sized directed graphs.

I ended up creating a standalone application, Qt visual graph editor:

As my Ph.D. was over, I decided to continue working on the project. For now it allows to import and export files in GraphViz format (dot). Now I’m working on tighter integration with GraphViz software which should be available since V.0.6.1. For now the supported version of GraphViz is 2.38 which works very smooth on Windows (I had problems with the newer one, 2.42). But I hope to switch to the most recent one (2.44+) when the integration is done.

Thank you for the great application :slight_smile:

P.S. My graph I’ve used for PhD Thesis:


Wow these screenshots look quite impressive with the ability to zoom and pan and edit.

If you like, you could send a merge request to add a link to this with your name and the title of the project to https://graphviz.org/resources/ (click the “Edit this page” link at the bottom).

Thank you Mark, I will try :slight_smile:

вт, 3 нояб. 2020 г. в 05:01, Mark Hansen via Graphviz <graphviz@discoursemail.com>:

qvge has been recently updated to v.0.6.1.

This version now support importing graphs from dot format by calling GraphViz directly, as well as running GraphViz layout engines on loaded graphs via GUI.

MS Windows and Linux are supported.

Well, QVGE 0.6.2 has been released today: https://github.com/ArsMasiuk/qvge/releases/tag/v0.6.2

Generally it is a bugfix release. Probably it will be the last of 0.6.x versions, because I’m aimining towards 0.7 in 2021.

Any commentars, suggestions and reports are welcomed :slight_smile:

QVGE looks very impressive. Does it subsume the functionality of GVEdit? It would be interesting to point users at this instead of GVEdit, which has a number of outstanding bugs we have not had time to address.

Well, not exactly. There is no separate UI to type/load DOT text there.
Do you think such a feature might be useful?

Ah I see. I am probably the wrong person to ask; I primarily use Graphviz on headless machines with no GUI environment. I believe there are GVEdit users who read the forum though, so maybe they can comment.

I will think about even tighter integration of GraphViz and QVGE.
Maybe to add some extra UI which could edit and preview existing DOT files via GraphViz engine or so on.