Gitlab blocks ppl -- we need a *public* bug tracker

I cannot even browse existing issues because gitlab forces me through a CAPTCHA. I don’t play the CAPTCHA games – most especially when I need to read content. Please move the bug tracker out of this gitlab private jail, and put it somewhere on the open and free public Internet. There are many ethical problems with gitlab apart from practical access problems.

If devs are attached to the Gitlab software for some reason, there’s nothing wrong with self-hosting gitlab or using (which uses Gitlab software in a respectible way).


Sorry, but I don’t think we have the resources to self-host an issue tracker. I completely agree that solving CAPTCHAs is not how one wants to spend their time, and they are becoming increasingly easy for machines to solve as they become harder for humans to solve. It also doesn’t help that CAPTCHAs are shown very frequently to TOR users. I really wish the world had converged on a better anti-spam solution.

However, realistically we’re already well over maximum capacity trying to address the existing open issues and I don’t think we have the flexibility to stand up a new issue tracker and migrate the current issues. Sorry, I realize this is probably a deeply unsatisfactory answer to you.