FYI: I just made a default issue template

I noticed a lot of the bugs have some back & forth asking for input files and OS versions, so I thought I’d create a default issue template. You can see it here

Inline below:

## Steps to reproduce

List what commands you ran, any errors you see. If you run commands over some input, attaching the input to the issue will help us track down the bug.

## Expected Behaviour

Fill in with what you expected to see.

## Actual Behaviour

Show any unexpected output

## OS Version

Windows/macOS/Linux/BSD? What version?

## Graphviz Version

run $ dot -V

Feel free to use this template, or just delete it all! It’s just meant as scaffolding to help our users give us the information so we can help them, we don’t need to use it if it’s getting in our way. Also feel free to edit the template to make it better, this was just off the top of my head.


I added:

## Additional info

Fill in with anything else that might be important.