Can't download install packages

I tried to download “Windows install packages”, but no matter which link was clicked, the Chrome jumped to “
When I refer to other tutorials, none of them jump to this page. . .

I can only upload one picture…

Sorry about the badly documented way to do this. We are in the process of remaking this completely. Here are more detailed instructions on how to do it:

  1. Locate a build at
  2. Click on the build you want.
  3. Select configuration by clicking on the job you want to install from
  4. Click on artifacts
  5. Download the .exe and run (CMake) or the .zip and unpack (MSBuild)
  6. Run dot -c to install plugins

EDIT: The last command must be run with administrator privileges. Start a new CMD or PowerShell and choose Run as administrator.

Thanks for your guidance. it has been downloaded.But there is no config6, eventually found in the "

I don’t understand that remark.

I should have mentioned that dot -c must be run as an administrator. Otherwise you will get an error message like:

Error: failed to open C:\Program Files\Graphviz 2.45.20200623.1313\bin\config6 for write.

I guess that’s what you saw.