Latest windows .exe 2.43.x giving an error when tried dot -v

Hi Team,

We tried installing the latest exe from the suggestions here. getting an error and dot layout is not working after installing exe. Please suggest.

Windows 10 Pro OS
Java 1.8.x


The installation has to write a config6 file into the indicated directory. The error message suggests you don’t have write permissions in that directory.

Thanks @erg, We checked that file in that location has the permission. Problem is that it is not being generating while the installation is happening through .exe.

The code to generate config6 must be 15 or 20 years old. I’m more inclined to believe Dr. Gansner, than to think the code stopped working.

Another thing to try is to open a command window and run dot -c by hand. This will either work and you’re set, or you’ll have more information as to what is going wrong.

Thanks for the suggestion @erg.

@rkanumola Did you solve you problem? If so; how?