Assertion Error

I ran the command: androguard decompile -o "C:\Users\walea\Desktop\androoutput" -f png -l "Lcom/nigeria/shell/utils/PhoneUtils.getAppVersion" "C:\Apktool\apk_files\CASH LOAN.apk"

This is the error i get when using androguard to decompile

AssertionError: “dot” with args [‘-Tpng’, ‘C:\Users\walea\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpgac1cjjc’] returned code: 1

I think you should report this to androguard. Without knowing the contents of the file passed to dot, we can’t debug this, and most likely it’s either graphviz isn’t installed anyway.

Graphviz was installed. I also have reported to Androguard.

Ok. We can look into this further if you can attach graphviz’s input: the temporary file that androguard is making.