After upgrading graphviz to 9.0 y-coordinates are differently calculated

This is my graph:

digraph overview {
  node [shape=box, height="0.8", width="2", color="#007095", style=filled, fixedsize="true", margin=0, 
        fontname="Roboto,Helvetica Neue,Arial,sans-serif", fontcolor="white", fontsize=15
  /* nodes */
  browser [ label="Browser",           pos="0,0!", height="0.8", width="1.5"];
  engine [label="Axon Ivy\nEngine",    pos="3,0!", height="0.8", width="1.5", color="#C7D426", fontcolor="black"];
  systemdb [ label="System\nDatabase", pos="6,0!", height="0.8", width="1.5"]

  /* edges */
  browser -> engine;
  engine -> systemdb;

  /* edge labels */  
  browser_engine [ label="HTTP(S)\n \n ", pos="1.5,0!", width="1.7", height="0.8", shape=none, fillcolor=none, fontcolor="black", fontsize="11" ];
  engine_systemdb [ label="JDBC\n \n ",   pos="4.5,0!", width="1.7", height="0.8", shape=none, fillcolor=none, fontcolor="black", fontsize="11" ];

Output with Graphviz Version :

Output with Graphviz Version:

Strange effects if I just change some whitespaces in the graph, then labels get displaced sometimes:

I’m using graphviz within Sphinx RST tool.

Any idea where to start tackle this issue? Seems like y-coordinates are calculated differently sometimes.

[unfortunately, this item does not display clearly in my browser]
It appears that you are reporting a bug. The best place to do this is here: Issues · graphviz / graphviz · GitLab

p.s. semi-wild guess: this may be a (dreaded) font issue (Font FAQ | Graphviz). run both versions of neato with the -v command line option. Then compare the font information.