(Mis)using neato pos="x,y!" fixed position with GraphvizFiddle.py to display Boost Graph Library layout in browser

I am new to this forum, but felt that I should post about misusing neato layout engine as simple browser draw with GraphvizFiddle I created years ago for drawing .dot files in browser. Recently I learned that neato allows for pos=“x,y!” and that the exclamation mark forces the coordinate to be fixated.
Nice to see [dot] feature here in forum (here with neato layout engine).
This is small example fixating vertex positions to location stated in labels:
[dot engine=neato]graph { size=“2,2” a[pos=“1,1!” label=“1,1”]; b[pos=“-1,-1!” label=“-1,-1”] c[pos=“-2,0!” label=“-2,0”] a --b --c --a}[/dot]
I used this to display a planar graph that I read with BGL (Boost Graph Library) code I wrote, then did planar straight line drawing and used the determined coordinates for creating a neato .dot file, that I displayed using GraphvizFiddle.py command line tool:

$ GraphvizFiddle.py chromium-browser <(../straight_line_graphviz <(./dot2leda <(curl -s https://stamm-wilbrandt.de/C60.dot)))

Details on BGL code and tools in this thread:

Above C60 graph has twenty 6-gons and twelve 5-gons, you are likely to know that graph — C60 is also called “football fullerene”:

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